Geo Blocker Privacy Policy

Geo Blocker "the App" provides the ability to check and restrict access to a store for visitors from countries you specify.

Unicorn Global is a privacy first company, and we take your privacy very seriously.

When you install the App, we are automatically able to access the following information from your Shopify account: Theme.

The only other information about your store we use is the domain name.

We modify code in your theme. This is required for the application to function, as the theme must load the code that is needed to check and block access. We provide an uninstall feature in the app that removes the code.

This is the absolute bare minimum amount of information required for the App to function.

We do not collect or process any additional information.

We do not collect information about your customers.

We do not collect information about your orders or inventory.

We do not use, process, or store the contents of your blog articles.

We use customer IP addresses and browser details during the normal functioning of the app. We do not store or track these IP addresses, browser details or any other information.

We do not install or use any non-functional or tracking cookies.

The only functional cookies we use is the session token (required for the App to function), and, where applicable, a cross site request forgery token (required for the App to be secure).

We do not collect any personal information.

We do not share any data with any third parties.

We do not perform any remarketing or behavioral advertising.

Feel free to contact us via email at [support] @ [] for any questions or queries you may have.